We have chosen international ranges of skincare treatments to offer you a choice of facials that deliver different benefits for different skin types.




MC Specialised Facial
(An anti-ageing facial from Mary Cohr which is customised according to the skin condition. Specialised masque and serums selected for each individual)
R 910.00 90 mins
Catio Vital
(A personalised and exclusive treatment for all skin types. Utilising a sauna heat masque and a mild current for deep penetration of active ingredients)
R 770.00 90 mins
Classic Facial
(Indulge in a luxurious session with all the essentials including cleansing, steam, extractions, massage, masque and moisturiser)
R 650.00 90 mins
Cleanse (An hour pampering facial treatment where the therapist asses the skin and use selective products according to the skin condition. Includes cleansing, steam, extractions, massage, masque and moisturiser) R 500.00 60 mins
Executive Facial
(Designed for our male executive, includes skin cleansing, extractions, removal of ingrown hairs, culminating in a neck and shoulder massage and masque. Nails are filed and buffed to perfection)
R 660.00 75 mins
Express (An express facial is ideal if you have limited time. It is an effective, but quick facial treatment which includes cleansing, steam, extractions, mask and a moisturiser) R 395.00 30 mins
Face Print
(For instant visible radiance. This facial is perfectly compatible with varying skin types, improves circulation, detoxifies and hydrates. Ideal for special occasions)
R 910.00 90 mins
(Uses established techniques such as ionophoresis together with ultrasound. It improves blood micro-circulation, improves the penetration and diffusion of active ingredients and stimulates the production of collagen)
R 900.00 90 mins
Phyto Compound  
(The Kalahari Phyto Compound facial treatment, is compounded especially for your specific skin needs from a selection of African Mud, Clays and Phyto-effective treatment-gels. These area-specific applications optimise treatment results and are suitable for all skin conditions)
R 750.00 90 mins
(The Kalahari Honeybush Facial Treatment is a deeply nourishing treatment that includes natural plant extracts and rich botanical oils. The treatment includes a relaxing facial massage that will hydrate and rejuvenate your skin leaving it soft and supple. This treatment is suitable for all skin and suitable as a maintenance treatment)
R 460.00 60 mins
Baobab Phyto
(An anti-ageing facial from Kalahari using active mixture from the African Baobab which results in a plumped skin, ensure the collagen and elastin fibres to be stimulated for a firming effect.)
R 600.00 90 mins
These facials take into consideration the unpredictable and sensitive nature of teen’s skin and helps to combat breakouts.
 Catio clean R 300.00 30 mins
 Teen cleanse R 300.00 30 mins
pHformula intensive treatments which includes skin resurfacing with micro-needling.
 MELA Advanced R 1 300.00 90 mins
 ACNE Advanced R 750.00 90 mins
 AGE Advanced R 750.00 90 mins
 CR Advanced R 750.00 90 mins
 MELA Basic R 850.00 45 mins
 ACNE, AGE, CR basic R 600.00 45 mins
 SOFT Resurfacing R 450.00  
 PH Advanced Mask R 300.00  
Your therapist will advise you on the best treatment and aftercare for your skin type.
 Mela Mesoresurfacing face R 1 750.00 90 mins
 Mela Mesoresurfacing (F&N) R 1 950.00 90 mins
 Mesoresurfacing face (ACNE/AGE/CR) R 1 150.00 90 mins
 Mesoresurfacing (F&N) ACNE/AGE/CR) R 1 350.00 90 mins
 HAND Perfection R 1 250.00 60 mins
Trichloroacetic acid, is a medium strength chemical coagulant that revitalises the skin by lifting dead surface cells and stimulates skin mitosis. TCA treatments will effectively refine the appearance of tine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and even out skin discoloration. The skin will appear visibly smoother, de-texturised and radiant.
 TCA 8% Peel R 450.00 60 mins
 MC eye treatment R 300.00
 Matis serum R 195.00
 Vitamin c booster R 165.00
 Honeybush eye treatment R 220.00
 Back cleanse R 465.00 30 mins
 Face R 1 100.00 60 mins
 Face and neck R 1 215.00 60 mins
 Face, neck and decolette R 1 540.00 90 mins
 Head R 930.00 60 mins