1. Please note that due to the complexity of email security features by the various email service providers as well as email security features implemented by individuals, we cannot guarantee the email delivery of gift vouchers/special packages to the recipient. After purchase, please confirm with the recipient if they have received the gift voucher. If they have not, you as the purchaser can attempt to download and email a copy of the gift voucher manually by logging into your account here: https://www.skinsense.co.za/my-account/. Alternatively you can contact Skin Sense and request a copy of your Gift Voucher.  
  2. No discounted or value added vouchers may be used to purchase another voucher
  3. Vouchers may not be used to purchase another voucher. 
  4. Monthly special must be booked, paid for and treatments completed in the month of the Special.
  5. No changes to, or treatment swops may be made to the package.
  6. Bookings subject to availability.
  7. If the monthly special package is not used in the month of the offer it will be converted to the cash value paid by the client and a Skin Sense voucher will be issued valid for 3 years i.e. discounted prices do not apply.
  8. Order of treatments specified may change due to scheduling availability.
  9. In the event of the client arriving late for the booking, the therapist will attempt to provide as many of the treatments as possible in the remaining allocated time. We cannot and will not inconvenience our next client.
  10. Cancellations terms (PLEASE TAKE NOTE):
  • On the day: 100% of treatment value.
  • 24 hours: 50% of treatment value.
  • 48 hours: 25% of treatment value.