We have chosen international ranges of skincare treatments to offer you a choice of facials that deliver different benefits for different skin types.




M Deep Cleanse
(Skin is deeply cleansed and purified to help regain it’s freshness. The epidermis appears more radiant and clear)
R 495.00 45 mins
M Quick Peel
(A professional treatment to unveil your newer skin cells and to allow for better penetration of treatment products. It is a noninvasive chemical peel which helps with refine skin texture, smooth the epidermis and stimulate cell turnover)
R 515.00 45 mins
M Cleanse
(delicate/hydration/nourishing - A customised cleansing facial which the therapist choose the appropriate products for your skin’s need and to intensively feed the skin)
R 675.00 60 mins
M Radiance Light
(The latest facial treatment launched which allows the skin to regain radiance, the complexion is lightened and the skin has a more even appearance)
R 1 230.00 90 mins
M Face Print
(For instant visible radiance. This facial is perfectly compatible with varying skin types, improves circulation, detoxifies and hydrates. Ideal for special occasions)
R 1 230.00 90 mins
M Densi-Age
(A unique treatment that uses mixology of different textures in order to create a sensorial experience with exceptional results.)
R 1 170.00 90 mins
M Whipped Cream Facial R 935.00 90 mins
K Cleanse (An hour pampering facial treatment where the therapist asses the skin and use selective products according to the skin condition. Includes cleansing, steam, extractions, massage, masque and moisturiser) R 595.00 60 mins
K Baobab Phyto
(An anti-ageing facial from Kalahari using active mixture from the African Baobab which results in a plumped skin, ensure the collagen and elastin fibres to be stimulated for a firming effect.)
R 715.00 90 mins
K Classic Facial
(Indulge in a luxurious session with all the essentials including cleansing, steam, extractions, massage, masque and moisturiser)
R 770.00 90 mins
K Executive Facial
(Designed for our male executive, includes skin cleansing, extractions, removal of ingrown hairs, culminating in a neck and shoulder massage and masque. Nails are filed and buffed to perfection)
R 785.00 75 mins
K Honeybush (The Kalahari Honeybush Facial Treatment is a deeply nourishing treatment that includes natural plant extracts and rich botanical oils. The treatment includes a relaxing facial massage that will hydrate and rejuvenate your skin leaving it soft and supple. This treatment is suitable for all skin and suitable as a maintenance treatment) R 550.00 60 mins
K Phyto Compound
(The Kalahari Phyto Compound facial treatment, is compounded especially for your specific skin needs from a selection of African Mud, Clays and Phyto-effective treatment-gels. These area-specific applications optimise treatment results and are suitable for all skin conditions)
R 895.00 90 mins
PH Vitamin C Treatment
R 605.00 60 mins
These facials take into consideration the unpredictable and sensitive nature of teen’s skin and helps to combat breakouts.
Teen cleanse R 355.00 30 mins
pHformula intensive treatments which includes skin resurfacing with micro-needling.
MELA Advanced R 1 540.00 90 mins
ACNE Advanced R 880.00 90 mins
AGE Advanced R 880.00 90 mins
CR Advanced R 880.00 90 mins
MELA Basic R 730.00 45 mins
ACNE, AGE, CR basic R 730.00 45 mins
SOFT Resurfacing R 535.00 45 mins
K TCA Peel R 540.00 60 mins
K D-AGE 5 Peel R 540.00 60 mins
Your therapist will advise you on the best treatment and aftercare for your skin type.
MELA Mesoresurfacing face R 2 080.00 90 mins
MELA Mesoresurfacing (F&N) R 2 315.00 90 mins
Mesoresurfacing face (ACNE/AGE/CR) R 1 370.00 90 mins
Mesoresurfacing (F&N) (ACNE/AGE/CR) R 1 610.00 90 mins
Matis Serum R 235.00
M Fresh look eye treatment R 540.00
Vitamin C booster R 200.00
PH Advanced Mask R 355.00
Back cleanse R 550.00 30 mins
Face R 1 310.00 60 mins
Face and neck R 1 445.00 60 mins
Face, neck and décolletage R 1 830.00 90 mins
Head R 1100.00 30 mins
Eye R 425.00 30 mins